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Change Room Blues

Miss i and I set off for a couple of hours shopping together. For her. At Supre.  She had a skip in her step. This was a new stage for us. You see miss i has never been interested in clothes shopping. As the eldest child, it was a necessary evil to purchase clothes for her as she grew out of them.

Miss e on the other hand is a fashion queen. From an early age she would race around the shops choosing outfits for herself.  At  (2 years – 11 days)  her junior, miss e always had the perfect hand me downs, accurate to the season, to inherit from her big sister. This pleased her, but she still wanted more.

Back to miss i. It became so painful taking her shopping that early on, I resorted to giving her Pumpkin Patch and JK Kids catalogues to circle her favourite outfits which I would then order online. I even ordered her a dress online recently which she was dubious about, until it arrived and she was pleasantly surprised.

She wanted to buy a pair of high waisted shorts. Her friend had recently bought a pair from Supre. Why not I thought. Her summer wardrobe is looking thin on the ground what with her constant growth spurts. I might even be able to talk her into a skirt or some t shirts.

She was a different girl. She made her way around the store choosing at least ten items to try on. We made our way to the change rooms and she started combining items. We had collected size small and it quickly became apparent that she needed extra small so I made my way around the store changing sizes as she tried outfits on. She chose a apir of high waisted denim shorts which look so cute at that age, a teeny pink floral skirt and a candy pink boob tube top. As she made her way out of the changeroom I instantly noticed a change in her mood. I realised she had squeezed three tiny pimples on her forehead which now were red welts.

As we made our way out of the store, I mentioned that I wanted to pop into Target to buy a couple of things. “No Mum, I just want to go home.”

“Why? What is wrong?”

“I just want to have a shower, my hair is so oily and I look terrible.”

My heart sank. This happy, confident eleven year old went into that changeroom with thoughts of new clothes and summer fun. She came out feeling pimply and oily. What is it with changerooms that mess with a girl’s head? Girls of all ages? They should be renamed cubicles of self – doubt.

She is going through puberty, early thanks to paternal genes. Her dark blonde hair is fine and even with daily washing, it does tend to show oil quickly. We have tried several shampoo/conditioner options including expensive hairdresser formulas. Until recently Fructis worked well but it is as if her hair has become used to it. I would welcome any suggestions as all of the bottles seem to neglect the oily teenage hair and focus on dry, damaged, overtreated or frizzy. These creamy treatments are far too heavy for her hair.

After a big hug and a reminder that she is indeed beautiful, and just going through a hormonal change, she agreed to come to Target to search for a new shampoo and conditioner.

I have an idea. Wouldn’t it be great if all changerooms had a positive and uplifting statement plastered inside them? Something to remind us that although parts of us are not perfect, we are beautiful. To remind us that a healthy body is the ultimate gift.

She’s wonderful.



She’s you!


3 Responses

  1. So true! I was in a change room the other day and thought exactly the same. They are depressing places to be with all that harsh, flourescent lights! We have a daughter here who has wonderful long hair, but she has to change her shampoo and conditioner regularly as her hair becomes immune. But in between she uses dry shampoo. Just spray on the oily roots, brush out and – voila – no more oily roots. Give it a shot. As for pimples… oh poor thing. I remember feeling very self conscious about them! And her little shorts and summer gear sounds gorgeous. I sure hope she enjoys her new things (and perhaps the next shopping experience will get better!)

    • Wow, I haven’t even left my blog! Thanks for the tips. What is dry shampoo? Is it a brand? Where do I find it?
      She is loving her new clothes and seriously, the pimples are barely noticeable.

  2. This line – “They should be renamed cubicles of self – doubt.” is soooo true! In my own mind, they’re named ‘ Cubicles of Cruelty.’

    Sapphire too has just made the move into grown up shops and is showing an enjoyment in it but loads of insecurity.

    I think that all we can do is watch and listen. And, if/when they let us, tell them that they are in fact lovely young ladies with oodles of skills and personality and not the hairy, moody, greasy dags that they think they are.

    Have you tried ‘fine flyaway’ shampoos or the ‘frequent wash’ ones? They’re a lot lighter and don’t clog up the hair…

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