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Busking debut

It was planned a week ago, a busking session at the Fremantle Markets. As the parent of two daughters who have played violin for the past six years, I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before. The deal was that they could only busk (and keep all money made), if they practiced every morning of the first week of holidays, BEFORE we left the house in the morning to do anything fun. WITHOUT COMPLAINT.

It worked! And both girls agreed it was much more fun than being nagged to practice and to just get it done before the day started.

Miss i and I formally signed up and did a reconnaisance of the busking site yesterday.

Today, miss e woke up feeling and looking terrible. She is still curled up on the sofa next to me losing the battle to keep water down with regular trips to the loo. Poor baby. Those who know miss e, know that it takes a lot to keep her down. She went back to bed twice today and has slept for four hours. She is sucking on hydralyte icypoles which provide more  to lose, if you follow.

So miss i was going solo. She didn’t mind. We turned up well in time and she started bowing out the tunes at 10am. Within a minute the cash starting coming in. Yippee. I breathed a sigh of relief, chastising myself for worrying that she would play for 45 mins and walk away penniless.

She did well. She played a mix of kiddie familiar tunes (that worked! especially Bob the Builder and Oompa Loompa) as well as all the classics she learns, and a couple of jigs including Click Go the Shears. She stumbled every now and then, occasionally a note was out of tune, but she just kept playing. After 40 minutes she decided to pack up. She had made $20.30 which disappointed her at first as a school friend busked last weekend and made $61!!! I reminded her that her friend has been busking for quite a while and to ask her for some tips, and that you can’t judge the crowd on the day. I explained the maths, that as an 11 year old, she is not legally allowed to have a job, and the minimum wage for a 14 year old is much less than the $30 per hour rate she had just earned. I reminded her that her new job babysitting for 45 minutes at our next door neighbours once a week earned her $8.

She has decided she wants to busk every weekend!

What did I learn? That busking is an incentive to practice. That busking is a cash cow for an 11 year old! That it will only take another 124 busking sessions to pay for her current violin, and then she can start working on paying off her lessons (insert evil laugh).


2 Responses

  1. I miss your daughters!

  2. I, I’ll throw coins your way any day xxx

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