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Footy Season

I am enjoying reading about Tam and her fanatical love for her beloved Magpies (read Blurb from the Burbs). My Dad is a mad keen Magpie supporter and apart from my own Team’s Song, it is the only other team song I know. Evidence of the  brainwashing he inflicted on me from an early age. Unfortunately for my Dad I let him down and became passionate about the West Coast Eagles when they entered the VFL. At the time, I was a high school student attending Seymour Technical High School, located in rural Victoria. They were woeful and much hated in the early days and I copped it every Monday at school. Dad even took me to see a game at the MCG and I was spat at by a Melbourne supporter who wasn’t content with the fact that they were spanking us on the field.

I watched the Grand Final on Saturday. I had intentions of pottering around the house and glancing now and then for a score, but instead found myself fixated on the telly. I was of course barracking for the Saints who are my favourite underdogs (and have the eye candy in Nick Riewoldt). I loved the Draw and was amazed by the atmosphere as the siren sounded. Each year I hate watching the body language of the losing team. So I was fascinated that opponents collapsed on the ground together and sat in disbelief that the war ended in a draw. I am looking forward to the rematch this Saturday although I am sure it is much easier when you don’t actually support either team.

It is a good thing we are footy fans. We live on the high side of a street overlooking the East Fremantle Football Oval. Every Monday to Thursday during the Pre season, and Season proper, fit looking men meet at 5pm to hone their skills. Every Friday night the girls take to the oval and play a game. And every other Saturday the Sharks play host to their opponents. The first game kicks off at 9am with the WAFL teams firing up at 2.10pm. The parking is always courteous and well supervised by the local Rangers.  A mad keen, older supporter, parks his blue EJ Holden with Sharks personalised number plates outside our house each Game Day. (mental note to self that I must take a photo next year).  On our side of the Oval is a ticket booth and I love to people watch as the supporters make their way to each game.

This season the Sharks made it to the Semi Finals and hosted a game. My Dad is also a Member of the Sharks. When we bought this house, his eyes lit up and he thought he had hit the jackpot. The day of the Semi Final was Father’s Day. We invited him over for a pre game bbq lunch and beer then wandered across the road at 2pm to take our position on the grass to watch the game. It was a treat to people watch from our large deck overlooking the queue which made its way from the ticket office to the corner of our street, approximately 200 metres in length. Unfortunately the Sharks were eliminated but we had a great day. Dad, homme and master x (16 months old) joined the thousands on the ground at each break to kick a footy.


Every Sunday morning during Footy Season hundreds of kids chase mini footballs around the oval  under the banner of Auskick. Homme is already enquiring at what age they start.


5 Responses

  1. Love your story about the grand final. I think you are much more a footy fan than me! I think it was the Saturdays barracking for the Norwood Redlegs in Adelaide as a child that has me remembering the passionate spitting and abuse from the other team that has given me a passionate dislike! But I did feel for all those players who now have to do it AGAIN this Saturday! (Oh, and I’m loving your hipstamatic photos!) Isn’t it fabulous?

  2. Love your black and white pics at the bottom of the post…

    I used to live about 30 seconds from Subi Oval and so the footy season was good fun…My partner supports the swans while I am an eagles supporter so we had some good arguments in the 05, 06 years

    Still waiting to see who the boys will choose to support!

  3. I agree with you that the body language after the footy final was captivating. The sheer disbelief. I just can’t believe they have to do it all again this week!

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