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Sunshine, sandals and spontaneous sex

Yes, apologies to family members reading this, but last weekend I experienced all three.

I planned it months ago, a secret holiday for homme’s birthday. Our fortieth birthdays went by with little fuss. He celebrated his while I was pregnant with master x. I was suffering all-day nausea and it took all my effort to cook a meal and light the candles on his store bought icecream cake.

I thought it was time to treat him and organised for his parents to look after our three while we were away. He knew we were heading to Mandurah and spending the night at his parents. When he arrived home on the Friday I told him he had better pack for Broome, because that was where him and I were going.

We crept out of the darkened house at 5am for an hour drive to the airport, and our 7am flight to Broome. I stalled momentarily at the door, conscious I was leaving my 18 month old for the first time. Baby number two cuddled me the night before, claiming she missed me already.

We stepped off the plane to a warm wind and headed off to check out our room for the weekend.

All I could think of was afternoon naps and waking up when I wanted too, not when master x decided it was time.

On our way to check out the town of  Broome, we walked through  the pool area.

We lunched on grilled fish and salad at a cafe in the town centre and strolled around the town.  I felt free in my sundress and bling thongs with the sun on my shoulders.

We treated ourselves to an afternoon nap and part three of my title, then homme cooked up some chicken I had marinated, on our bbq on the deck while I prepared a salad. We dined on our table in our room and curled up for wine and mindless, uninterrupted tv in bed.

I woke up the next morning feeling well slept and refreshed. And it was only 7am! I haven’t felt so well slept in a long time! After muesli in bed, homme and I went for our c25k run along Cable Beach. It was very windy and made running along the beach a challenge.

Lunch was another bus trip into town where we were disappointed with our meals at Matso’s Bar. Homme sampled the mango and chilli beer but was disappointed. His ploughman’s plate was a bizarre collection of foods which left him wanting, and  my thai prawn salad was tastless and I suspect the prawns were frozen. My homemade ginger beer was ok though.

We spent most of the afternoon walking and sightseeing on Cable Beach. We had a laugh at the sign which outlined all that is NOT to be undertaken on the beach, including diving, surfing, walking dogs and nudity. I did notice the small writing under the last symbol which read “except North of the Rocks”. Being that it was homme’s birthday weekend, I suggested we go for a walk North of the Rocks. Hand in hand we giggled when we found tens of 4wds set up to view the upcoming sunset, and the iconic, growling and snorting camels reluctantly following the butt of the one in front, carrying overweight tourists, but a distinct lack of nudity. That was until we spotted him, yes HIM. At about 5 1/2 feet tall and weighing approx 120kg we couldn’t take our eyes off him, trying to be certain that he was in fact naked. You see his gut protruded so far over his manlyhood and rested on his thighs that it was a guessing game whether he was wearing a g string or going commando. All was answered when he bent over to pick up his clothes, and revealed all from the backside! Once dressed, he climbed onto his biclycle and rode off into the sunset.

Speaking of sunset, we settled ourselves onto some rocks by the water’s edge and waited. At this point we recognised some friends who we knew from Perth, and now reside in Broome. We chatted to Brian and Pat who took this photo for us.

They recommended grabbing a pizza and glass of wine at the local restaurant overlooking Cable Beach, and left us to it. It was wonderful to sit in the warmth of the Broome evening eating, drinking and talking with my best friend. We watched the camels make their way off the beach and walked back to our accommodation feeling relaxed and happy.

Monday was our last day in Broome so we made plans to go for a long walk from Cable Beach to Guantheme Point. Walking along the waterline, it is 5km each direction so off we set with camera, hats, towels and water bottles. The view at the Point was well worth the trek. The beauty of the Kimberley red dirt against the white of the beach sand and the blue of the enless water and sky was breathtaking. The rocks are called pindan which has a layered effect from the red iron ore in the rock.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Broome is that the airport is located in the middle of the town. It means that when you fly in, you come in over Cable Beach and so as you walk along the beach, you are regularly treated to a huge plane fly in over your head. Every time one flew over, I held my breath that it didn’t fly into the sand dunes.

We arrived home at 10pm Monday night and all was dark with Granny and the kids in bed. Master x barely batted an eyelid when we fell over each other to lift him out of his cot at 5.30am the next morning. Seems he was more than happy bossing Granny around. It was a wonderful, mental health holiday, but it was lovely to come home to our three greatest treasues.


4 Responses

  1. Wow, I feel as though I got to join you for the holiday – thanks for sharing.
    And it’s the best article title ever!

  2. Oh, what a fantastic weekend you had. I’m sure it’s already long forgotten with the everydayness of parenting, but how wonderful to rest and sleep without interruptions. It’s obvious your body was elated! Thanks for sharing. It did sound truly divine and reminded me of the few times my husband and I visited Broome for a quick getaway when we lived in WA. Good memories!

  3. Oh- you make me laugh!!! I had Courtney looking over my shoulder as I opened your blog- I told her “this is Vanessa’s blog from Perth- you know Eliza’s mum?” And I shut it down as quick as I opened it as I giggled to myself!!! You are normally so family and I thought I could share!!! Hahahaha. “mum, what is spontan-eeee-ous sex????” Thanks!!!
    But- oh what a wonderful weekend- we love Broome- we honeymooned there and then spent a gorgeous weekend there last year too.

    Thanks for the laugh- enjoy the footy weekend. Just read that post too. David is in Perth for the weekend and week so will get a bit of footy fever. NFL has just started here and he LOVES living here with that on.

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