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Just stopping by for a quick update for those that may be interested. Sorry about the photoless entries of late. I have taken lots of photos over the last couple of days but haven’t got time to upload  them. I have been sharing computers with workplace-writing-novel-homme and miss i who has been finishing off her latest school narrative. Was meant to be max 10 pages but she finished it yesterday at 18 1/2 and even then it was with stern prompting from me all week to start ending it.

It is madness here with the upcoming fundraiser. I had seven girls here yesterday crafting away all afternoon and I would love to share photos of their work later tonight. We made 25 butterfly mystery boxes, wrapped 70 lucky dip items and made hairclips and about 40 greeting cards. I made another 10 in the evening so things are flying along.We dropped into S place yesterday and bagged, labelled and ribboned 60 bags of home made bickies. Yummo, she had made maple syrup, polenta and orange and shortbread. Last evening we sampled her monte carlos (to die for) when we dropped miss A home. The cake stall is well under control in her capable hands. I have over a dozen bottles of wine and agave plants around the house and this morning miss S (who slept over) taught miss i and miss e how to hand knit scarves which look fabulous!

I am about to race off with the girls to watch the State Finals of the Tournament of Minds to support their school team. Miss i and miss S were in TOMS last year.

So in case you are wondering why I haven’t included a weekly summary of my weight loss/ fitness regime, it is not because I failed, but because I haven’t had time to scratch myself let alone write blogs. It was all successful. I lost 1.5kg (yippee, dancing in my chair) but better still, I didn’t miss a run. It was a challenge. One night homme and I set off in the dark and rain after 7pm so the girls could sit with master x asleep, Friday I ran circles around the oval with the girls playing with master x in the front lawn so I could keep an eye on them. Homme had run at 5.30am but had to be out of the house by 6.30am for work and I was meeting him in the city to catch up with friends after work. Today we ran a loop around a playground so we could watch miss e play on the playground with master x. It is tricky but we are both comitted. Homme lost exactly 1.5kg too. I am really enjoying it too.

Must run. Time to cheer on the girls.


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  1. Yay for you – super fundraiser and runner!

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