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Fun Raising

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Miss i and her team of Future Problem Solvers made it through to the National Finals to be held in Melbourne in October. In fact her school had coached and entered two teams this year, and both teams made it through. It is a pretty impressive achievement as only the top 10% of teams (140 participated) make the Final.

There is much excitement with the trip being only 5 weeks away! Each team member has to finance their own trip so the girls have been excitedly making lists of things to do to make some money to assist with costs. On Tuesday morning I decided it was time to try and co ordinate their efforts and met with the Principal to discuss options on their behalf.

Their school has an Open Night once a year, to showcase your child’s schoolwork, visit all areas of learning etc. The Principal offered us the undercover area to set up stalls and highlight the success these girls have achieved, and of course raise money. So after discussion with the girls, we have decided on a sausage sizzle, lemonade stand, cake stall, secondhand books/dvds/kids’ games/potted plants and craft stall, face painting and fingernail painting stand, a wine hamper raffle, lucky dips and steady hand games.

The catch? Open Night is next Thursday!!! It gave us nine days to plan, create, cook, collect and source!!! The Countdown is on. I have of course found myself as Chief Co ordinator, creating emails, asking for donations, keeping the girls on track and fielding all questions. Did I mention that this trip involves only 9 girls? Each team has four girls complete the competition booklet in the allocated time frame, with one girl as reserve.

People surprise me all the time. The majority of the Mums and Dads have put their hands up and volunteered to assist in many ways. Given that whatever money is raised, is going to be divided evenly amongst the families who participate, and it has been clearly stated that if you choose not to fundraise and would prefer to pay in full any costs incurred for the trip, I am not sure how to respond to the one Mum who has offered to donate one chocolate cake for the cake stall, and 45 mins of her time on Open night to assist on a stall.

Here love, here is the $5 bucks your cake sold for?

I learnt a long time ago that 20% of the population do 80% of the work. That’s life. But I am always fascinated by people that just don’t get it. I mean are you in, or are you out? Fence sitter? We have a craft afternoon organised for this Saturday, and a group bake off for the Wed before Open Night. She hasn’t given her apologies that she has to work or is committed and she needn’t attend anyway. She can always bake or make in her own time. But ONE cake? A school with over 400 children will be attending with parents, siblings and grandparents.

What The?


2 Responses

  1. Hear hear: 20% of the population do 80% of the work.

    I’ve found that time and time again, but I know what group I’m proud to belong to and I think that your daughter will never forget what group her mother belongs to either 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more with Kath’s comment!!! And you could have written this under the last posts heading. I’m in…sort of!!!!! You know you are part of the 20%and wouldn’t change that so that is all that matters. As frustrating as it is- does it help you to know that the same goes here in the US??? I have all 4 in classes here and still I put my hand up every time they ask. I need to learn to sit on that hand I think. Kudos to you and good luck with it all


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