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Count me in, maybe

I have my first team member – my homme. Let me fill you in on the conversation we shared on Friday night, Day one of my challenge.

Homme walks in, puts his keys and man bag away, says his hellos and sits on the sofa. I explain my challenge to him and tell him that I have downloaded the c25k app on my iphone.

“I’m in, count me in, so when do we do our first run?”

“Actually I have already done the first run today so if you want to do this together, you will have to pop your runners on and go now.”

“Not now, no, I’m too tired now, no, not now.”

“I thought you just said you were in?”

“Yeah that was until I actually had to run.”

To his credit he changed into running gear and off he went. He came home feeling full of energy and very chuffed with himself. He was also hobbling as he had imagined himself as Ben Cousins and attempted to sprint the one minute intervals and pulled a calf muscle.

Oh boy did I laugh! What is it with the male ego that he has to try and up the anti? Why couldn’t he just follow the program and get through the first run without an injury?

Sunday saw us head off together to complete run number two. He struggled a bit with his calf but I did quietly notice that he had to stay half a step in front of me. I smiled to myself and let him and his ego take the lead.


2 Responses

  1. Oooohhhh!!! i think that the ‘challenge’ may have just been “upped” a bit. See you on the track tonight gorgeous xx

  2. ooooohhh- you make me laugh. David and I are training for a half marathon together and he “always” stays just a few steps ahead of me too!! If I catch up then he speeds up- I laugh quietly too. He has now informed me that his knee is getting a bit sore and he wants it to be ready for ski season here!! I think he is just jealous that my running calendar (that he made on-line mind you!) shows more miles than his!!!!

    Keep going- it feels soooooo good to set a goal and accomplish it. I’m off now for a 4.5 mile run before I get Tyler from school at lunch time. He only goes half days this year so I have to plan myself carefully.

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