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Run Jane Run. See Jane Run

I loved those readers at school as a child. Ahhh memories.

I have set myself a challenge, and am looking for team members. My challenge is to lose 4 kgs in the month of September. I jumped on the scales this morning and have my number imprinted in my brain. I will follow a healthier eating plan and exercise more frequently, and by Sep 30th I will be 4kgs lighter. Any of my local girlfriends up for the challenge to exercise with me? Or are any of my fellow bloggers willing to join in their own personal weightloss/fitness challenge and share your journey with me?

I uploaded the iphone app C25K today with the intention of following the program to run 5 kms non stop in about 9 weeks.  To some of you, taking that long to run 5kms is a bit lengthy but it has been a long time since I could run more than 3km non stop. Now, I could have uploaded the app and then blogged my intentions but no, the new me has just finished the Day 1 run and now I sit red-faced at my laptop ready to put my goal in print.

I can honestly say I really enjoyed the freedom of running too. You see miss i is home with a cold so she was watching a dvd while master x slept. It reminded me why I started running 8 years ago when my number 2 was a shocking sleeper and early waker. It was my piece of sanity.

I breastfed master x for the last time on Sunday. Actually he had not had a feed for two weeks but he had a nasty fall and hit his two front teeth on a pot plant outside. He was inconsolable and there was a little blood so I popped him on the boob to calm him and investigate the damage. He gave them a good bang as the gums behind his front teeth were mushy and bloody for a couple of days. Dentist is hopeful they will be ok.

Anyway, I digress. So past experience tells me that my body likes to conserve energy for breastfeeding and the weight does not drop off so quickly. I have been randomly attending a really intense and lots of fun exercise group and the Personal Trainer tells me 4kg should fall off once I stop breastfeeding. The problem with this class is that master x hates it! Last week I could hear him screaming for 40 mins before I asked another exercising  Mum to remind the carer that he has a dummy. He was quiet after that but my heart was broken. Forty minutes is way too long to hear him cry and I can’t leave the building to join the team run along the river. So unless the owner finds a carer who can actually console/distract/entertain him, then I just can’t bear it.

I have been perusing other bloggers who are on weight loss journeys and something I read last week has stuck with me. She wrote something like:

“It is like washing dishes. It takes more effort to avoid doing the dishes than actually doing them. Losing weight for me has reached that point, I spend so much time thinking about it that it has become easier to actually just do it.”

Sorry I can’t credit the author, but I was blog hopping and got myself into a spin.

Summer is approaching and I have a gorgeous sun dress which I bought in Paris in Aug 2008 and because I came back pregnant, I haven’t had a chance to wear it. I am not going to be in maternity or post-baby/easy to breastfeed-in clothes so I want to lose the weight and wear some of the lovely fashions appearing in the shops.

I want to feel lighter and healthier and fitter too.

Day one and my goals for the next week are to wear a pedometer and walk 10 000 steps per day, to follow the running program on my iphone (next run is Sunday), write down everything I eat and calorie content, and to find out how many calories I should be eating (best get on to that pronto). I will also be taking ‘before’ photos this afternoon but you won’t be seeing those here my friends. Only the gorgeous skinny ones at the end ha ha ha.

Sorry if this whole subject is boring to some but I figure it will help to keep me accountable.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve actually put on four kilograms this year that I’d like to lose but as a chocolate reviewer who now runs 10km (used to be 8km up until two weeks ago) three times a week……

    ……maybe it’ll be something I’ll do when….

    …. um

    ….. errr

    ….. ahh

    oh stuff it, let me just cheer you on!

    • Well that is not inspiring! Putting on weight while running 10k three times per week! I am going to pretend you eat a three course meal of chocolate per day, just to give myself hope!

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