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Procrastinating 101

For those of you who follow my blog, you will recall that 12 weeks ago I became an inaugral member of a Bookclub. A group of 10 Mums decided to meet 6 weekly (keep the pressure down) to discuss our chosen book.

The first book we read was The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It was such a lovely read and I enjoyed it immensely. We had a great night  discussing the book, especially the characters.

So courtesy of The Book Depository, my copy of Sons and Lovers arrived at my door for the measly sum of $4.17. A Classic which I hadn’t read in my school years. Only a thin book, this shouldn’t take long. First mistake, I put off starting it in case I forgot the plot or nuances of the characters before the next meeting. To be fair, my sleep deprived brain has a lot of day to day stuff to remember so I was hedging my bets.

When I did settle down in front of the fireplace to get started I was in for a big shock. This thin book had the type font size 6 and I struggled to get my eyes to adjust! When I managed to get enough light I was disappointed that it took nearly half an hour to turn each page, given that so much print had been crammed onto every page. The Virgo in me has real difficulty reading the language of the main character, a poorly educated miner. I tried to piece together all the letters and come up with the words but finally found that if I skimmed over his sentences and read them faster, they seemed to join up and make a little more sense.

I hate violence. Big Capitals. I will not see a movie if it has gratuitous violence. This book had violence, and early on. This alcoholic father and husband was violent. I didn’t like it.

I plodded on for a week or two but soon found many excuses to prevent me from reading it. Then I decided to upload a version free of charge to my iphone. At this point Homme laughed at me. You see I am one of these people who hates the idea of the written book being superceded by the digital version. I had my excuses ready – I can enlarge the font making it easier to read, I have supported the “book industry” by buying a copy, I don’t need to bother my bed partner with lighting when I read in bed, I will have the ‘book’ with me wherever I go so I can read it anytime I have a spare moment.

Instead I research apps, I take hundreds of hipstamatic photos, I make phonecalls and return texts, but I don’t read. So five nights ago I decided to buckle down and get the job done. I grabbed my phone and snuggled up with Homme in bed ready to read. Only my iphone was almost out of battery! Darn! Not to be beaten (or surrender to Homme’s hysterical laughter), I grabbed the cable and plugged it in beside me. It meant I spent the next hour in an awkward position reading the darn thing as the cable was a little short but I persisted.

On a good day at home, Master X sleeps for around 2 1/2 hours so I figured I would use this time to finish the book. No, this past week I have mowed and edged the lawn, scrapbooked, removed all weeds from all garden beds, poured boiling water on the stubborn path weeds, scrapbooked, made dance costumes, blogged, read endless blogs, scrapbooked, scrubbed the bathroom floor on my knees, scrapbooked,and baked on top of all the daily chores that keep the cogs spinning. I can applaud myself that I didn’t spend the time lunching and shopping and used it very productively.

But the book is not finished! With just over 6 hours until we meet, I am only just halfway through the book and must admit my failure as a Bookclub Member. Sorry girls I promise to try harder with the next book. I must also admit that last night I googled a synopsis of the book so I had something to add to our conversation. Interestingly I still have no urge to finish it now that I know the full storyline.


One Response

  1. Aaaah, procrastinating… I know this well! I sure hope you still enjoy Book Club so you can at least comment on the bit you read! All the best…

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