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Hooked on hipstamatic!

If anyone was wondering where I have been, we had a crazy, crazy, busy week last week. I had two cross country runs on different days, two bookweek parades at two schools on two days, and I was out three nights in a row at school meetings and Puberty Talks.

I will talk more about each of the above events, in future posts because I am so excited about my new toy.

It was my birthday last week which was fairly low key given that I am now officially “in my forties”, have plans for a girly afternoon tea which is best held in Spring, and my day was jam packed with cross country, face painting Thing 1 for bookweek and missing dinner to attend the Puberty Talk in the evening. Homme kindly bought me a set of Presets which refused to work on my Photoshop Elements. I was so disappointed given that I had been dying to play with them. Fortunately  www.ittybitty.com instantly refunded us our money which was so kind. I was spoiled with lovely scrapbooking delights and more, so I counted my blessings and felt very content.

Anyway, today I was playing around with my iphone and looking at apps when I realised that the hipstamatic photos I had envied on other blogs was from an app!!! Yippee, for less than $10 I now have the coolest toy.

So now I have to share…



Given that I may be quite slow on the uptake with my phone and all it is capable of doing, feel free to leave comments with lots of great advice. How best to use my hipstamatic? What apps are “must haves”? Fill me in friends.


4 Responses

  1. I LOVE hipstamatic. And it makes any photo look fabulous. I have downloaded all of the films/lenses/flashes and just fiddle and fiddle and fiddle. I love that my camera is small enough to fit into my back pocket. Much better than an SLR. And almost as good. Also, there’s no long uploading to your blog. Win/Win.

    Enjoy taking your photos! xx

    • I hear you. I got my first mobile kicking and screaming but homme thought it was a good idea after we had children, for babysitting etc.
      My trusty old Nokia was up for renewal and Homme talked me into the iphone. Must say I am slowly becoming hooked on all it can offer.

    • I now have all the lenses, flashes and films too. It is so much fun! And it was the first thing I noticed – how easy it is to upload. It was your photos that I asked friends about and they all thought you had used some tricky photoshopping, or graphic design tools. I should have just asked you!

  2. I have absolutely no advice to give because my mobile phone (at my request) has no widgets, gadgets or fun bits.

    Having said that, I love the effect that hipstamatic can do!

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