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Made by me!

On Monday we drove to Mandurah to spend the day with homme’s parents before they set off on their winter migration to warmer climes. Miss e spent the afternoon cooking profiteroles with Granny. I asked Granny to show me how to crochet, as I have a bee in my bonnet to make a Granny Rug. She seemed slightly amused and had me start with a chain stitch. Next thing you know, miss e and miss i had joined in and two generations were learning the craft. I promptly moved on asking for the next stitch. I spent some time crocheting rows in double and then was advanced to treble after my tension was approved.

Righto, let’s go to Spotlight so I can choose my wool. Granny was keen so off we went. Eventually I found a Learn to Crochet book and decided to try my hand at a beanie which only took two balls of wool to complete before I committed to the 20 balls needed for a rug.

Back at Granny’s I got started. She explained how to read the pattern as I went along and all went smoothly until I dropped a stitch in the fourth row. Without a qualm Granny pulled off the whole fourth row! Ok, start again. I got to the end and she noticed I had mucked up the pattern by one stitch so off it all came again. I was taken aback! Onwards and upwards I was like a woman possessed. We left for home after dinner and I was frustrated there was not enough light in the car to continue with my new project.

I settled in, in front of the Tour de France (new obsession) and completed the last stitch of the beanie as the winner crossed the line. Crippled fingers I climbed into bed a content girl. Yesterday I figured out how to crochet the double flowers all by myself and now I have myself the cutest beanie! Beats all those dodgy looking never-ending scarves I attempted as a teenager.


7 Responses

  1. OOooooooh I want one pleeeeeaaaassseee!!! Just like that!!! love it. Well done. Maybe I should learn to crochet as it is going to be soooo cold here in the winter time.

    • Email me your address and I will send you one. Too easy. I am making miss e one in the pink. How is your blog going?

      • ooooh that would be such a fun pressie to receive!!!! No blog yet- keep talking about it but haven’t started it. I’m not that eloquent so might be quite boring!!! I love reading yours though. Such a positive outlook on motherhood, wifehood and life!!!

        2567 Lavender Drive
        Walnut Creek
        CA 94563

  2. oops- zipcode is 94596!!!!

  3. Love the beanie. I never learnt to crochet. Craft just isn’t my thing. I buy my beanies at K-mart.

  4. You could just mail a copy of the pattern and I’ll give it a try!!??

  5. This is gorgeous and makes me think I need to have a baby girl. Very trivial to have a life long commitment for the sake of a very cute beanie! xx

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