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Daffodils and Dog bites

End of school holidays. How I love the un-routine of school holidays. No school lunches, and not having to wake each morning analysing all that needs to be packed for the day’s activities. Starting school on  a Tuesday always throws me too! Tuesday  is an early start with School Choir at 8am for miss i followed by both girls’ violin lessons. Evidence that their musical instruments barely saw the light of day during the holidays. Best to leave that lecture to Kendra!

Daffodils and dog bites certainly sums up our holidays. Although we had some real down times as per my last two posts, we had lots of fun too.

The first daffodils bloomed in the garden which is always a beautiful sight! I love how you plant bulbs and see nothing until their green stems poke through and surprise you as to where you planted them. Then soon after, their beautiful flowers appear, often during the darkest winter months. In fact Perth is experiencing wonderfully sunny, cold, yet dry winter days. Not good for the dams, or the upcoming Avon descent. Enough rain last week to keep some of the farmers happy though.

Our weekend to Kalgoorlie was good family fun! We travelled the 600kms East in about 71/2 hours with two major stops to run around and play French cricket with a tennis ball and blue plastic racquet. Homme laughed so hard when I first pulled it out of the car, that he couldn’t actually hit the ball! He quickly learned the benefits of three kids having some exercise at each stop. Master x slept for nearly three hours on each trip so that was time for the radio and uninterrupted reading and talking. He enjoyed a nicky-run in a local park on the way to Kal while we picnicked.

The girls were fascinated by the pipe that carries water from Perth to Kalgoorlie. We had discussed it last year on a visit to Mundaring Weir but to follow the pipe for 7 hours to its destination made it so much more real. Miss i has been studying earthquakes in class and a stop at Meckering was of high interest. Of course Kalgoorlie itself had an earthquake just a couple of months ago but I wonder if it will have a monument like this?

How times have changed that the first concern after an earthquake was to set up the pub and then see to fixing the town? Not sure if it is for the better or worse? My first thought is that of Community when I imagine the folk setting up the make-do pub then working on fixing the town, only to meet again later to relive their day. Informal debriefing after a scare no doubt.

Anyway, here is the gorgeous miss e sitting in a section of the water pipe damaged by the Meckering earthquake and now on display with the twisted railway track.

We arrived late afternoon to Kalgoorlie and unpacked in the one bed apartment before setting off to check out Kal on a Saturday night. We walked the one street to the main street and did a reconnaissance on foot before deciding on a pub meal. We carried the pram up the dodgy wooden staircase to the reastaurant on the balcony level. It was busy with many customers – always a promising sign. Of greatest interest to miss e was the sign on the wall, ” Do not lean over the balcony whilst drinking”. Good advice.

The staff took our orders and we received our meals one hour and ten minutes later. Run off their feet pleasing customers? Not really. It seemed they needed a cigarette break at the end of our balcony every 15 mins or so. Not smoking ashamedly in a corner like city workers do, but fagging away in groups of say, All the Staff! Not even miss i’s loud and annoying coughing each time they lit up was enough to discourage them to perhaps serve our meals. Main courses were warm, generous and tasty. Don’t you love how we have all become Master Chef food critics! We decided to try our hand at the apple pie and icecream for dessert and had the foresight to order before we had finished our main course. We asked for them not to be served with the white chocolate sauce as described in the menu. Just didn’t seem right to mess with apple pie and vanilla icecream. So it was with much amusement we were served apple pie, cookies and cream icecream and crushed Crunchie Bar sprinkled in a circle around the bowl. Master Chef, you have a lot to answer for!

Sunday we ventured out early to try breakfast which was a huge success. We walked off the calories inspecting the town and all of its closed shops, closed coffee shops and closed giftware shops. We did spend some time at the Kalgoorlie Museum which was very well set out and the girls were intrigued. Would have loved a cold drink or hot chocolate before leaving though but no coffee shop to be found.

We went to the tourist info centre only to learn that tours of the Super Pit can only be booked on Tues to Fri. So what about weekenders and school holidays? Seems like a perfect time to cater for tourists?

The following signage in the main street had us in hoots of laughter!

We took the short drive out to see the Super Pit in the afternoon. It is only about 5km from the main street of Kalgoorlie and is HUGE! An informative display board in the carpark overlooking the  pit and all of its trucks at work puts it all into perspective. I found it fascninating! It was like watching an antfarm at work. The huge trucks moving slowly up and down the mine shafts were barely visible to the naked eye and yet in the carpark was one of the tyres they use which is twice as high as an adult. There is also a yellow ‘scoop’ thingy which goes on the front of a truck so you can sit in it to get an idea of the size of what you are observing. Good opportunity for some family shots.

And the view of the Super Pit.

My curiousity got the better of me and we had to take a look at the ‘other’ interesting industry in Kalgoorlie. I was amazed to find the brothels in the main part of town, well signposted. It lead to a very interesting conversation about this line of work with the girls.

“That job sounds terrible!” stated miss e. Yes it does.

Homme took a few more days off here and there during the school holidays which made for more relaxing days. The girls attended a scrapbook class with friends and spent the rest of a rainy afternoon completing their Friendship Journals, and attended a three day netball clinic held from 9-12am. Miss e was a little disappointed in her teenage coach at first, “Trust me to get the Gothic type, you know, black eyebrows, black hair and just not interested!” Things improved for the next two days and she had fun. Miss i and her team of 11 year olds thought it was the coolest thing to have a 16 year old coaching them. They were awestruck by this girl who was great with them. Miss i also met two girls who will be attending her new school next year which she was excited about.

I hosted a Glee Finale pizza and sleepover party for 10 girls. EEeeek! All gorgeous girls but full-on enmasse. They all had fun with dress ups, celebrity heads, and of course the Glee sing alongs.

We watched movies, caught up with the Country Cousins and visited grandparents. Speaking of which, we were visiting one set on Sunday, to help with renovations, when we heard a blood curdling scream from the front yard. Miss e and miss i had taken master x for a walk to the park and had arrived back into the yard when a neighbour’s alsation puppy attacked miss i from behind and bit her upper, outer thigh. On inspection it looked quite nasty so we spent the next two hours in the Emergency Dept of Armadale hospital. Tetanus was up to date so she got some pain relief and wound was cleaned. The dog’s owner came by to see that she was alright and claimed that his dog “Does not like prams.” !!!!!! Then your dog does not get to roam the streets without a muzzle!!! Thank goodness he did not attack the sleeping master x, or that our lightweight miss e was not the one pushing the pram as she would have been knocked to the ground and we can only guess what might have happened. Miss i was very lucky.

So there ended the winter holidays. Now it is back to early starts, dance classes and homework. Only 10 more weeks to go…



One Response

  1. Vanessa I feel like I was part of your holiday – such a lovely account

    The dog needs to muzzled though!

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