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Devastating News

We headed off for a three day trip to Kalgoorlie on Saturday. A mere 700kms heading east to start the school holidays. We had a lovely drive with a few fun stops on the way.

We arrived in Kal at 5pm and I went into the reception of the Quest Apartments to sign us in. As I bounced out with our plastic entry cards I was stopped in my tracks by the look on homme’s face as he spoke on his mobile.

Our close friends Simon and Danielle have had their world rocked. Simon had a siezure at work on Thurs afternoon and tests on Friday have revealed he has two brain tumours. One of them is inoperable. The other one is going to operated on this Wednesday. Shit! I am so angry, and confused and so damned sad.

Simon and Danielle went to law school with my homme. They are part of a group of friends that have maintained their friendship some 20 years since leaving law school. Simon and Danielle dated while both studying law and married soon after. I met my homme in the Dec he finished uni and met this group of friends soon after. Some have lived overseas since graduating but they get together every Christmas for a shared dinner.

It is Danielle who is the glue that keeps this group in contact. She always seems to be the first to start the group emailing in October, organising a date to get together when our overseas friends are home to visit their families. We take turns to host the dinner but I have always taken my cue from her.

We met up for a meal at their house a couple of months ago. One of the legal group who has been living in Paris for the past three years has transferred to Jakarta and spent a few days in Perth visiting his family with his Spanish wife and their two year old and two month old baby girls. Danielle quickly organised a few of us to drop around mid week for a roast dinner. Her generousity and warmth is overwhelming.

Simon is funny. He has a wicked, dry sense of humour and I love his company. We were actually at dinner the night before miss i sat her scholarship exams and were laughing about how relaxed we were about her  taking them when we knew other kids were at home stressing with their parents about the exams. It was only on that night that I learned Simon went to an exclusive boys’ school on a scholarship. When we left that night, miss i was charmed by both of them and made the decision that she wanted to be a lawyer.

We have so many wonderful memories with our friends. There was the New Year of 1999 when I was pregnant with baby number one. We spent the night on Simon’s parents boat with a few of  ‘our group’ moored at Rottnest. We still laugh when we remember the poppers that stained the boat and how we spent the morning scrubbing at the dyed blotches, hoping Simon’s Dad wouldn’t notice.

Simon is only 40. He is married to his sweetheart and they have three children, eldest age 9. He is in for the fight of his life and we are here to support them in any way possible.

I bought a new book last Friday to take on our roadtrip. It is called When Hungry, Eat by Joanne Fedler. I finished it on the drive home today and throughout her book she refers to her Jewish culture and the chicken soup she shares at Sabbat each week. At the end of the book is her recipe for her chicken soup and as I write this it is simmering on my stove. I hope to take it to Simon and Danielle tomorrow and express our love for them through this gift of a meal. Because God knows, I feel so helpless.


2 Responses

  1. Yes, you’re feeling helpless, but HELP. I’ve had a friend who endured something very, very similar and her biggest sadness (apart from the obvious) was that friends kept away, thinking they were giving her time, etc.

    No. What she needed was company, help, a chance to rant and rave about the unfairness of it all…. and a casserole. It will all help.

    My thoughts are with you and your friends.

    • Thanks Kath, that is exactly the approach I took. We visited them with pot of chicken and veg soup Wed morning before they went to the hospital. They were very optimistic and realistic and I said we would contact and visit as soon as he was out of ICU and it was up to them to tell us when to back off. They appreciated that.

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