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Pass or Fail?

Ok so I set myself the challenge of a blog a day for the month of June under the theme of What I love. I managed 20 posts in 30 days. On several days there were multiple posts. Mathematically I managed to achieve 2/3rds of what I set out to do, or 66%.

I am not going to beat myself up about this. Not once did I feel pressured or stressed to achieve this goal and I enjoyed blogging when the time was available. Last month I had 12 nights straight when I did not manage the whole night in my own bed, what with illness rotating through every member of the family, except me. I bedhopped and even slept on a mattress on the floor some nights to comfort a sick child, or to give homme the chance at a decent night’s sleep.

I still have some draft What I love comments but I will leave that subject for now. What I did learn from the challenge was that at times I felt restricted by my choice of blogging content. Some days I had other things on my mind and especially with the topic What I love, there were no opportunities for a whinge or complaint. Ha ha. I also learnt that not every blog has to be perfectly written or expressed. Nor does the content have to be too serious and it is ok to be lighthearted about yourself and what you actually like.

I did however wonder if and how I could blog about my true loves. Especially my True Love. Do I need to put it into words for everyone to read, or for just him? I decided not, I wonder if he is disappointed? Some days it did seem a little trite listing trivial things I *love* when really all I truly love is  my family.


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  1. Nice photo!!! Seen that one somewhere before but with 6 sets of footprints!!!

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