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Day 19 I love this second opportunity


It was hard work falling pregnant with baby number one, and baby number two was a blessing I thought I would never experience. We tried our luck for baby number three but there was disappointments and heartbreak.

I counted my blessings and loved my life with two beautiful daughters. Sure there were times as new cousins came along that they asked for a baby brother or sister. But we were happy. They were healthy, happy and loved each other without the sibling rivalry others complained of.

As circumstances changed, my part time nursing career became a twice weekly nightshift job to suit the routine of kindergarten. I didn’t mind, I delighted in being involved in their early  schooling.

They were growing into big girls when at ages nine and seven we had a surprise. Nature had plans for us and I found myself pregnant with baby number three.

March 2009 I gave birth to a baby boy. How my life has changed again. At age 40, I am sure some of my friends wonder Why? Sure there are the groundhog days of sleep battles, feeding routines and nappy changes, but mostly there is the absolute delight in watching a little person grow and develop, knowing that you have such a priveleged role in guiding this.

I love that I have experience behind me and two children who have forged the path for me. During the most wakeful nights all I have to do is think about how quickly they grew into the beautiful people they are now. I love that this makes me relaxed about parenting – I have trialled and errored these situations before. I love spending the time it takes to put his little socks and shoes on EVERY time we leave the car (first thing he pulls off in the car), the time it takes to hold his baby hand and walk places instead of rushing. I have learnt from miss i that soon enough he will look me in the eyes when we walk (still hand in hand with her).

I love being at the point in my life where I am not stressing about a career or finances so I can be the stay at home Mum I want to be. Sure I still have dreams and ambitions but I only have two more years before he is sucked into the school system and then a lifetime of my own to grow and develop further. It is not to say that I am not pursuing my passions right now also.

I love that he has two big sisters who adore him and show gratitude for all they now see that I did for them. They love to entertain him and teach him things. They are also a godsend when it comes to helping out. They understand the give and take it takes for them to be so heavily involved in all they do, and happily offer to read stories, bathe with him or even feed him when I am trying to do other things.

I love that he is my last baby. There is less than two years between the girls and this time I am so selfish that I want to adore him without having a toddler and a baby. Been there, done that.

I love that after 12 years, he chose us all by himself.


2 Responses

  1. What a beautifully written and expressed piece. I’m a bit teary now…

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