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Day 12 I love a made bed

Yes, I am still here. We have had headcolds enter our house. Firstly miss e missed three days of school. Her nighttime wakefulness started master x off on his antics. She passed the lurgy onto master x himself and night times of fun and games for me with his sleeplessness. Homme of course has come down with it and it has evolved into ‘man flu’. So I haven’t spent a whole night in my own bed in the past week, bedhopping mostly into miss e’s bed so I can be near master x and allow the rest of the house a good night sleep.

I have been taking photos and jotting down notes, just not found time to connect it all together on my blog. Be prepared for an influx of entries as I complete my challenge for June.

So lack of sleep got me thinking about one of my absolute passions. Yes, you read right. I love a made bed. I feel unbalanced and grumpy if I return from the school run to see my bed in a mess. I have always been this way. Even bc (before kids) when I worked nightshift four nights a week as a nurse. There would often be only an hour between homme waking and leaving the bed, and me climbing into it for my daily sleep. Homme learnt quickly that to keep me happy, I had to climb into a made bed. He didn’t mind. As he said, if that is all it takes to make me happy, then I am easy to please.

My bed is my sanctuary. It doesn’t matter how my day pans out, if I can walk past my bedroom and see order, then I am happy and content.


2 Responses

  1. Ditto with the made bed and for me it’s a clean sink as well. I have to do the dishes before I go out anywhere because I hate coming home to a sink full of dirty plates etc.

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