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Day 11 I love this house

At least what I can see from the street. This house is being built a couple of streets away and I always detour to walk past it when I walk to the supermarket. It has a lovely feel to it in our old suburb, which has lots of Edwardian and Californian Bungalow style houses. The occasional 70’s style house which snuck its way into the suburb is often replaced with a modern trendy number. This one is made of limestone with two storeys. The upper story is loft-like with the windows being in the sloped roof. Very much how I imagine some European styles. I can imagine being in one of these bedrooms, looking out over the rooftops in a city. In fact my sister lived in funky unit in inner city Melbourne which had a similar window in her mezzanine bedroom.

I love the limestone wall and ironwork they have used on the perimeter, and the intricately carved wooden doors make a feature. The windows have clear leadlight in that diamond shape pattern. It has two sections of stonework which I saw a man completing by hand. I also love the flat tile used on the roof.

These photos do not do it justice as the weather here today is wet and cloudy. I am enjoying seeing this house come together as someone’s home.


2 Responses

  1. I have a similar house passion. I dislike those new concrete blocks that pass for houses these days, they look like someone stacked up a few cardboard boxes and plastered over them. I like the older styles, especially if they’re looked after.

  2. IT’s always nice when new houses are built with real care and respect for their surroundings. I *love* the pale bricks!

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