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Day 10 I love people watching

Last weekend, we took the kids to see the model train and Lego exhibition. What an experience! The tiny model trains whizzing around on their tracks, through tunnels, over hills, passing other trains going in the opposite direction. Their were stands where the owner had gone to the trouble of historically reenacting the scenery of some remote part of the world, which happened to have a train running through it, with photographich evidence that their display was a scale replica. There were stands where you could learn the art of creating the life-like mountain ranges and valleys using combinations of chicken wire, plaster bandages, glue and sand, and a can od spray paint. Most of the exhibitors seemed a little dour for my liking. I couldn’t  imagine them anywhere but in a basement making minute alterations to their tiny trains on their tiny tracks. Lots of them wore train driver style caps and there was a fair bit of finger signing to other like minded fellas (saw no ladies) when adjustments needed to be made on their section of the track.

The Lego part of the display was a little more entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the time and effort that goes into the trains, but seen one display, seen them all.

I liked that the Lego builders referred to themselves as nerds on some displays. They seemed a little more dynamic about their passion, and each display had you closely observing it from every angle to catch a glimpse of the builder’s personality captured in a quirky interchange between two lego people.

There were moving parts, lighting effects, intricate street scenes and even a rock concert complete with smoke machine. Cool!

I did find myself observing the men ‘behind the scenes’ just as much as the scenes themselves. It made for a fun afternoon.


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