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Day 8 I love a sleeping baby

But what Mother doesn’t? Master x gets by with minimal sleep and often starts his day any time after 4am. Yes, 4am. It is pitch black but I walk into his room to find him standing up, holding onto the side of his cot, jumping up and down and celebrating a new day. I have tried lots of tricks to convince him to go back to sleep, to no avail. I would even be happy for him to come into our bed and feed and cuddle for an hour or two. No such luck. He gladly takes up any offer for a breastfeed but he wiggles and jiggles and when I finally say enough is enough, he climbs out from the doona and climbs down from our bed to start his morning routine.

This involves emptying homme’s bedside drawer, handing homme his glasses (knowing he is not allowed to play with them), then venturing out to the lounge room to collect his favourite books which he requests us to read. If left to wander while we stay in bed with one eye open, he wanders back and forward from his toybox in the lounge room, to us leaving a trail on the way. Then he ventures to the kitchen and empties ‘his’ drawer of its plastic contents, followed by pressing the buttons on his toy train which plays “She’ll be coming ’round the mountain” over and over and over.

On a weekday, it is often about this time that homme rises and takes him to the shower. They then share breakfast together while the rest of the house begins the before-school routine.

Because of his early start, master x often falls asleep on the school run, which to be fair is an hour round trip. It means I get to turn off his nursery rhyme cds and listen to a bit of talkback, but once I drive to complete a chore, to enable him to have a decent nap, I lose the opportunity to have quality sleeping time at home. Sometimes I can transfer him back to his cot but I usually only score half an hour before he is powered up and ready to play.

Given that we have to set out for the next school run at 2.45pm, it is often difficult to get another sleep in the afternoon. If I can time it, I often have to wake him to take him to the car. It does my head in when he is fast asleep.

This is what I found when I went to get him today:

Although occasionally I do whisper under my breath “payback”.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Vanessa, I came here via Blurb from the Burbs.

    I love sleeping babies too. Luckily my four (now grown)were all great sleepers. I don’t drive, so school runs were done by walking with the baby in the pram. This made it easy to continue the nap if baby fell asleep on the trip. Just wheeled the pram into his/her room and left it until I heard waking sounds.

    • Hi River, thanks for stopping by. We often go for walks with the pram on weekends and occasionally have the same experience. As master x gets older though he is too fascinated by what is going on around him to sleep on walks.

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