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Day 2 I love to cook.

I love cooking. I always have cookbooks thumb-eared and post it-noted on my book stand on my bench. I am not the Master Chef type of foodie but I do cook most meals from a trusty collection of cookbooks.

I have included some of my several weight watchers cookbooks in this photo. They contain many family weeknight meals. Just so I don’t have to think about calories and portions. The whole family enjoys the meals. The black spine, Cookery the Australian Way was my year ten home economics textbook. Little did I know at the time that I would refer to it for years to come. I learnt the basics like white sauce and corned silverside from this treasure.

As I type, I am sitting close to a pot of simmering Rogan Josh which I made from scratch from Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food. I have always loved his cookbooks for their coffee table appeal, but found his recipes too fussy to follow. This book is different. It covers all the basics like making curry pastes, salads and dressings. Good thing really seeing his idea behind the book (and tv show) was to teach people the basics of cooking which are being lost.

Our family values food and I have never had fussy eaters because I have asked that they try everything given to them (and out of  respect never sat a plate of tripe in front of them). Our family rule has always been that the kids can chose one food item they choose not to eat. Only one. We try to eat together, at the table for evening meals. Sometimes we break the rules. Like last night when we ate pumkin, coconut milk and coriander soup with ciabatta, in front of the fireplace while watching Master Chef. All three kids love food, and the girls love to be involved in preparing food.

With two little people under my feet, I started to resent the food production line that motherhood can bring. I turned this around by thinking of the meals I produce as a gift to my family and saw cooking in a different light. It is a privelege to provide them with nutritious meals made with love. I have a wonderful friend B (I know she reads this too), who was and still is, an inspriation in this area. Her kitchen is the heart of her home and with four children, including twins under her feet, she still manages to whip up heart shaped sponge cakes and turn up to parties with butterfly cakes.

Most of all though, I love to cook without interruption. With a glass of wine, and music playing in the background.


5 Responses

  1. Hi V
    How my heart warmed when I read this blog! Well atleast I think that you were referring to me?? You are a gorgeous generous person and how I do LOVE to read your day- to- dayness which you talk about with great passion! I miss your company but this blog is a great substitute. xxxxxxx

  2. Ah yes, “Cookery the Australian Way” – I was given that as a housewarming gift when I moved out of home.

    And ‘with a glass of wine and music playing in the background’ sounds wonderful to me, but I’d add ‘whilst talking to Love Chunks as he cooks.’ 🙂

  3. I too have the classic “Cookery the Australian Way”! …….funny how friends share common bonds which only emerge due to this blog! Oh yes am out of the closet now…..xxxx

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