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Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

You heard it here, I am a Survivor addict. Yes, addict. I realised this last night when I became conscious that my pulse had increased and my breathing intensified at the first of two tribal councils held on last night’s episode.

I have always had an interest in the show, from the beginning. I can’t believe it has been going for ten years though! I love the psychology of the whole thing. I can’t imagine too much is contrived as they are in extreme conditions and I love to see how that affects personalities. I seriously hate Russell, to the point that I was starting to wonder last night if they would ever remove anyone from the show for being actually psychotic and a risk to other competitors. I don’t mind nastiness and scheming ala Parvati but Russell is just not a nice person. I am therefore amazed at how he is given so much control by those around him. It makes me ponder Nazi Germany (must get a copy of The Wave and reread it as it always interested me). I mean the opposing tribe even gave him an immunity idol, just by the perceptions they had about him from afar. It is not like they have not had the opportunity to get to know him as they have all competed in at least one other series.

Leads me to another thought – why are so many of the competitors serial Survivors????? Are they running out of willing participants? Would the producers prefer to work with The Devils they Know? Curious.

So anyway Tuesday nights are my tv nights. Only two weeks to go to see if evil Russell wins all, or my secret favourite for this series, Sandra takes all.

On another note, kudos to my master x who slept through the night for only the second time in his 13 1/2 months!!!! Big love to you! I had 6 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep yay yay yay!

If my life is not busy enough, I have decided to attempt a scrapbook challenge of A Week in Our Life. It is inspired¬†by Ali Edwards’ and Pip Prosser’s sites. At first I thought, how mundane. On reflection though, how cool would it be to see a snippet of our life say in 20 years (and compare shopping costs etc etc). I won’t bore you all with all the details, just any interesting snippets. I asked the instructor at my exercise class to take a photo of me on the exercise bike today – not pretty but evidence that I sweated hard haha.


2 Responses

  1. We three love Survivor too.

    My heart broke when good old JT fell for Russell’s evil lies hook, line and sinker but has lifted a tiny bit with the lovable Rupert and oddly-under-performing Colby still in it.

    I particularly like to watch it from the clean and warm comfort of my couch, especially when there’s chocolate and herbal tea/red wine within easy reach!

    • I hear you! I am off the red wine (not really on it while breastfeeding), but it seems I can only drink it with a block of Cadbury milk chocolate. Unlike you, I don’t run 3 x 8km weekly. I have started back at my exercise group though and ran 6km today which surprisingly mentally I was there. Pity my bum and thighs were still screaming from the 100 lunges on Monday! Go Heroes! Let’s hope the Villians continue to self-destruct.

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