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Pull up a chair

 I can’t believe it has only been a week since my last post. Time certainly flies and there is so much to report. Last Saturday we had yet another birthday party! Yep, in 5 weeks we have celebrated all three kids’ birthdays, Easter, school holidays, the life of Chanelle, Anzac Day, two long weekends, and today Mothers Day. Phew, Christmas should be a breeze!   I am going to divide my post into subheadings, so you can pick and choose…    


Miss i turned 11 last weekend and had a dozen girls over for a Hawaiin pool party. What a squealy, noisy fun time we had. All the girls came dressed up and allowed me to take some photos before they braved the pool. They had the best time drinking punch from coconut cups I found at Spotlight, giggling and singing. The sun shone brightly all afternoon but we set up the outdoor fire which was a real winner. The girls sat around it rugged up in jumpers after their evening swim. They sang Singstar and judged each others’ dance moves but most of the laughs came with the campfire games. Best of all was a version of celebrity heads where each girl had a mystery character attached to their back. Not only did they have to guess their own identity, but they were a part of a partnership with another player. One couple were the Get Smart Agents 99 and 86 . I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants when 99 cottoned on that she was part of this partnership by saying “I know I am a number, I just don’t remember which one. Am I greater than 10? Than 15? Than 20…….? ” You get the idea. She would get so excited every turn that she would blurt out an answer only to have to wait another round of questions to continue her number search. The girls thought this game was the BEST!

Homme was worked hard in the kitchen making home made Hawaiin pizzas which were gobbled up instantly. All the food was themed and the girls loved it. We collapsed into bed not long after the last girl was collected at 8pm.


Master x has been walking since Anzac Day. After a couple of weeks of taking steps but mainly crawling, he is now only walking. Boy is he busy!    He adores being outside so I even resorted to doing 2 1/2 hours of ironing on the front deck this week. Not a bad way to iron really. The weather is so beautiful in Perth this time of year. Cool mornings with sunny days around 25 – 27 degrees and NO wind.    He potters around the garden and climbs the steps as happy as a lark. When inside, all he does is follow us around with books asking for them to be read. Ignores all his toys and just wants books which is great but exhausting and means little else gets done. Reminds me of miss i!!! I used to have to hide her books for a period each day just to have time out. I have been able to get lots of gardening done in the past weeks with him playing close by. He loves to check out miss e’s raised vegie patch every day and gently touches the seedlings and rearranges the labels. He has had more tumbles and bruises but it doesn’t deter him.


We had the most fabulous night last night. We went to see the musical CATS with the tickets bought for miss e’s birthday. She invited her bestie and it was worth every cent spent, to see the two of them holding hands in their seats absolutely spellbound by the performance. We had fantastic seats as it turned out, as we were on the outer aisle and had lots of visits from several cats during the performance. Miss e could barely contain her excitement and was buzzing at intermission. It was a late night with the performance finishing at 11pm but all three girls babbled all the way home about their favourite songs/scenes/characters. I was amazed at how much detail they retained from the show. It was a magical night.


Happy day for me, to top of a lovely weekend. After a wee sleep in (is it a sleep in when I am up at 3am and then 4am and then 5 am and then hand over not so sleepy master x at 5.30am to homme?) Anyway, I was treated to bacon and eggs in the courtyard and then we all went for a walk to the hardware store to collect gardening supplies. Master x slept and we chatted on the way. My wish for the day was to relax at home and potter in the garden with homme as my ‘slave’ hahaha. I trimmed back the espaliered olive tree which required the big ladder to reach the top, while homme drilled holes in the limestone wall to attach horizontal wire strands so that I could attach my climbing roses. He also attached wire to the newly painted wall at the side of the house to attach the new passionfruit vine. Again the weather was divine and I loved being outside pruning and weeding and sweeping. Not everyone’s idea of fun but very relaxing for me with no time constraints. I adore my garden and feel a great sense of achievement seeing it develop from the rundown weedy patch I inherited two years ago. The landscaping is complete, and all but one garden bed is planted out. I still have a few more gardening design ideas I am looking forward to creating. I am now impatient to see all the plants grow to develop the space as I have pictured in my head. Here are some photos I have taken in the past week.

This is the newly painted wall at the side where the chessboard lives and my two magnolias which are starting to take off. Bed now planted with passionfruit and cabbages and broccoli.

These pots were positioned to block the steps to the underground garage for master x. I found a self seeded lavender plant in a garden bed so I replanted it in the gap seen here in the lavender border. Grow little lavender! In the background you can see the rest of the painted brick wall. It was a boring job but homme and I got stuck into it two weekends ago and I love the result, having it as a backdrop to the front deck and gardens.

My roses planted by the front steps are starting to flourish after a long, hot summer. They are called Sacred Heart and have a lovely old fashioned perfume. I am loving the autumn flush of flowers they are producing.

I have spent a couple of mornings at Chanelle’s garden with Xavier. It is so peaceful to be in her garden, which she loved and to prune back her vigorous plants. As a gardener, it seems a perfect, and practical way to remember her.

My day was rounded off with a lovely lamb roast and wine shared with my gorgeous girls and homme (master x didn’t make it to 7pm after a busy day of exploring and swimming). I was totally spoiled with these great gifts:

                    Slippers, scented candles, handmade “Do Not Disturb” sign, box of chocolates wrapped to look like bouquet of flowers, yellow roses, and a journal from Kikki K (LOVE Kikki K!) titled 365. Each day is numbered so you can start it at any point in the year.


Lastly (anyone still with me?), master x came for an explore with me in the pool area today. He quickly found some pool toys that sink to the bottom and have ribbon-like floaty bits to grab. He proceeded to drop them on the step in the pool and climb in, clothes and all. He had the best time climbing in and out with them. At one point I asked homme to grab the camera. On his return, master x had tired of the game and was walking around the pool. I said “let’s get a posed shot,” and placed him back in the water on the step. He was again having a great time when he slipped and the rest is history. Let’s just say that a picture tells a thousand words….

This last photo was taken after he had been fished out and I removed his long pants and socks. As you can see, he was straight back in for more splashy fun!


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