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Gorgeous at Nine

Gaps between posts have been large. Lots happening and quite honestly, I have just felt too sad. Chanelle’s death hit our family hard and her funeral was held two weeks after her death due to international delays. We have shared special extended family time which has been lovely. We spent a weekend at homme’s sister’s farm where the kids ran wild in the open spaces and had the best time. We shared wine, too much food and conversation on the deck overlooking the house garden, and the open paddocks. Master x especially had way too much fun crawling over limestone garden walls exploring every centimetre of the area.

We also enjoyed a weekend at homme’s parents’ home on the canals in Mandurah. It gave us the final opportunity to spend time with his sister who lives in Port Lincoln. Again, extended family joined us, including Chanelle’s parents which was special. We shared some tears, but mostly wonderful anecdotes. My heart breaks to see her Mum and Dad struggle with their loss. We set up her telescope which her Dad had brought down. After much self-learning, we managed to view the moon. Her Mum fell into a deep sleep on the sofa and it gave me peace to see her momentarily free from the pain she carries. It was the sleep of the exhausted, and much needed.

Since my last post, our very special baby girl had her birthday. I can’t believe she is nine! Her whirlwind energy makes time seem to go by so quickly, it seems like only yesterday I was struggling with the sleep deprivation her infant years brought me!

Her birthday always falls during the school holidays and it often means lots of kids can’t make it. This year it was the last day of the holidays, so she organised a sleepover with six friends. She invited three from the school she left last year, and three from her new school. She was so excited! Unfortunately the three new kids pulled out (for individual legitimate reasons) at the last minute, and one of her old friends who lives with cystic fibrosis was undergoing “home hospital” with a central line. Damn! As her Mum, I just wanted there to be no excuses for her this time, but she was her usual great self and took it in her stride. So two friends slept over, and miss L was given permission to come and play for the afternoon between medication rounds. (Benefits of a nursing career to allow her Mum an afternoon off, having spent two weeks in the real hospital).

Big sister, miss i, and her friend miss b helped the girls with their hair, makeup and nail polish before the photo shoot. They all looked so gorgeous, especially with their ‘serious model poses’.

The girls then came inside for snacks and I instructed them in making card/photo holders. As miss m stated, there is nothing more fun than being with your best friends doing craft!

Aren’t they cute? The girls did such a good job, not rushing. Each heart has a tiny peg attached to the back so you can clip a photo or card onto the stand. I will print copies of the party photos to give to each girl.

Craft was followed by squealing in the pool, girly talk and laughter, homemade pizzas, chocolate fountain, and then lollies and popcorn while watching The Biggest Loser Finale (love the irony).

Last giggles were heard at midnight when this tired mumma fell asleep.

Morning of actual birthday was celebrated with pancakes (homme specialty), icecream and berries. Miss e’s birthday wish was to receive tickets to see the Cats musical. She has been learning the songs and storyline at her school music classes. She didn’t care for anything tangible, just this experience. We delighted in her reaction when she opened the well disguised tickets hidden in a wrapped box. I bought tickets for our family (minus master x), and her bestie, miss m. The performance is next Saturday night so I can’t wait to take her.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl. We love your love of life and positive energy!


2 Responses

  1. We had a very dear friend ( G’s bestie from his teens and a solid friendship remained throughout adulthood) pass away suddenly last year; it is such a real and deep pain!
    I sat with his Mother and felt such empathy as a Mother. The time we spent with family and friends was special and lived moment by moment. This friend is with us on so many levels now. I wonder if we love those that pass a little deeper once gone as this is our final chance to express real love; a love of gratitude for the blessing it was having them in our lives?
    My heart goes out to you and your family x
    Miss E looks simply irresistible!

  2. What a wonderful post. It sounds like the way your family dealt with Chanelle’s death was appropriate, especially if her mother got some peace and rest of out it!

    Miss Eight is gorgeous! What a knowing look there is in her eyes!

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