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I’ve had a virus

Not me personally, but my wee laptop was infected. Gorgeous homme has spent the past three nights nursing it, dressing its wounds and performing computer surgery. It has meant three days with no computer access as scan after scan was in progress. He needed to use the PC to get info so no go on both computers. I missed my daily fix of reading other blogs, googling random thoughts that come into my head, and of course adding to my own blog. I had to write notes to miss i’s teacher to excuse her from computer based homework.

I have been madly scrapping – remember my self imposed goal to have an album complete for master x’s first birthday? I have four days left to complete it. Miss e prays for me each night – love her faith in me.

We survived the Perth storms on Monday night. Miss e had a day off school on Tues as her school was in a suburb which was badly hit, and the polycarbonate covering on the school’s undercroft shattered all over the school grounds. Must take a photo tomorrow, it looks impressive. I drove the girls to ballet through a hail storm which was quite reasonable. Mums coming from the opposite direction however had the mega sized version and arrived with dented panels!

It is all about perspective really. Our suburb looks clean and green (it last sprinkled rain last November in Perth). We have underground power which was not affected, and the pool is full. Neighbouring suburbs are counting the damage, still without power and negotiating with insurance brokers.

Here are a few of the layouts I have finished in the last few days…

I must apologise for the poor quality of layout photos. I took them late tonight with little light. I really love the last double layout. It is not my usual style but when I saw the photos, it came to me to leave a lot of negative space. It is really effective and was fun to create.

Speak soon.


2 Responses

  1. Gorgeous scrapping layouts as always. I am itching for my “stuff” to arrive as I packed a good amount into our air shipment. Apparently that will get here this weekend!! Fingers crossed as we are going a little stir crazy and would love to pull out some albums (and of course the lego too!!)

    Don’t you hate that when you get a virus- I get so frustrated with the time it takes to repair but also realise how lucky I am that hubby can do it for me!

    Happy scrapping

  2. I wouldn’t apologise for the photos if I were you – they look brilliant to a non-scrapbooker like myself

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