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Lock Down

Traffic was heavy this morning on the school run. Very heavy. Insanely slow. I decided to turn off the mind numbingly repetitive baby song cd which keeps master x calm on the long journey, to put on the abc radio and see if there was anything being reported about this traffic jam.

To my horror, the suburbs I was driving through had been cordonned off by police in search for a 22 year old escapee. Yes indeedee, big news in Perth yesterday was the police car chase which lasted several hours, involved several car hijackings, stolen cars and car crashes (thankfully only the cars being drvien at speed by the beforementioned idiot). The good guys eventually won and caught this guy who had some minor injuries requiring treatment at hospital. Seems that although he was under police guard, and today is being described as “extremely dangerous”, there was no consideration in handcuffing him whilst transporting him in a wheelchair from the police vehicle to the hospital, at 6am this morning.

Surprise, surprise, he made a run for it! So as I am crawling through traffic I hear that some of the local schools are in ‘lock down’  mode. We are also being told to lock ourselves in our homes in the area, and to lock car doors if driving in the area.

So the dilemma I have is that miss e has now heard the bulletin and is asking questions about her safety, I am finally approaching her school, a trip which usually takes 30 mins has taken 1 1/2 hours and I am questioning myself “Do I leave my child in a school potentially going into ‘lock down’, or drive her back through the road choas and have her believe that her world is not a safe place to be?

I walked her into school, the skip back in her step as she focuses on the morning tea surprise party her class has organised for one of  her teachers. Her Principal is walking around the buildings, locking all external doors and allaying fears that the latest report is that the escapee has been sighted some distance away. I made my decision that she would be safe here and kissed her goodbye.

So today I have scrubbed the house.I have filed paperwork. I have baked cupcakes. I have ironed.  My anxiety about the situation has simmered below the surface and I keep willing the clock to read 2.40pm so that I can go and collect her.

He has been caught! At 1pm Perth time police captured him in the backyard of a home in Swanbourne (suburb next to miss e school). Fortunately the mother and her five year old child residing in the house were unaware of the drama unfolding in their backyard until it was all over. 

For all the drama see here:


It is time for this mother duck to collect her ducklings and  start to breathe again.


2 Responses

  1. This is such a tough one, because the lioness in each of us wants to do anything to protect our little ones. Not just from dangerous escapees, but from mean-spirited friends, rejections, disappointments, illnesses and doubt.

    Our kids, on the other hand, adapt more easily than we give them credit for, and talking about the escaped man probably gave the kids at school a bit of excitement and an opportunity to talk about how some people lose their way in life and end up on the wrong side of the law…

    …or something like that. The third issue is that we can always give advice, but when it’s us facing the dilemma, our lioness’ claws spring out again.

    • I always refer to myself as a lioness too. Cross my kids, and you cross me. You summarised my feelings exactly. How are things going with both you personally, and with Sapphire’s health (whooping cough), and friendships? You are going thru some challenging times. I always believe we only grow when things are tough, as much as that sucks! Think of you often. Take care of you. Vanessa

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