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A Moment of Panic

It has been hot here, really hot. Sticky, all night, no relief hot. Miss i had her school swimming carnival on Friday. She had been swimming four times a week in the lead up and came down with a cold on Tuesday. She was not well enough to go to school, with dripping nose, ear infection and then it hit her chest and the coughing began. I took her to school on Friday and said “Just have fun, and give it a go.” “If you don’t feel well enough to swim butterfly then just tell Mr O.

Master x and I headed to the pool and I managed to rock him to sleep in his pram. He woke after 40 minutes with beads of sweat all over his downy head, and baby face. I stripped him down to his nappy and he drank lots of iced water. He loved the activity of the carnival and was entertained for a couple of hours before he napped again. And as for miss i, she came fourth in butterfly (pipped at the wall), fourth in backstroke and second in breaststroke and freestlye. She was all smiles. Division 2 was the highest ranking of any of her races which she was happy with. The Championship races for year 6 were so exciting. A new girl has moved to the city from Albany and swims quite seriously at age 11. She was a delight to watch, with her perfect diving, tumble turns and overall technique. She lead some races from the start, and more excitingly, she overtook girls to win individual races and relays. She is one of three very strong swimmers in her year group so the racing was strong.

Miss i declined the offer to hang out with friends after the carnival, opting instead to crawl back into bed and read. She put herself to bed early that night. Well done for ‘giving it a go’.

Back to hot, sleepless nights…

I went to a scrapbooking group until late Friday night. There was such a great vibe and I finished three layouts. I have just realised I haven’t photograped them so will have to share tomorrow. I chatted to one of my fellow bloggers, Sandie who taught me some tricks for using my camera, and taught me a photoshop trick I had been wanting to learn for ages. I will share those later.

Master x woke for a 1.30am drink and started Saturday at 4.30am (for the second day running). Saturday homme and I got lots of jobs done around the house and I set up all of my scrapbooking in the new studio. I was still unpacking at 10.30pm when the heat wore me down so I took the opportunity to relax in the new spa (also in the studio). I found myself crawling into bed at 11.30pm only to visit master x at 1am for a drink and when he woke to start his day at 4.30am I tried unsuccessfully to bring him into our bed to sleep some more. At 5.30am I grabbed my pillow and lay on the loungeroom floor to rest while he happily read through his stash of books. At 7am I woke with a start! The house was so quiet, and he had climbed over me to leave the room! I quickly checked the house, feeling sick that an 11 month old was left unsupervised. I couldn’t find him anywhere. Then I noticed that miss e wasn’t in her bed either. A minute later I found them happily playing on the verandah. Turns out master x had visited miss e and woken her. When he crawled on my back to give me a ‘cuddle’ and I didn’t stir, she kindly took him outside to play. How sweet. 

Gotta love those grubby knees!  (Photo taken using info gained from Sandie – love his blue eyes).

Oh and I want to share my photoshop trick – this photo was taken of miss i dressed for Book Week last year during the peak of her Twilight phase.

So at 9.30pm, I have learnt my lesson, and am off to bed 🙂


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  1. They’ve both got such beautiful blue eyes!

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