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Happy Birthday

Well the blogging has certainly slowed down with the start of the school year hasn’t it? Miss e commenced year 4 at her school on Wednesday and I had to giggle to myself because she told me she was nervous about going into year 4. When I asked her why, she said year 4 was the more senior end of the school and she wasn’t sure she was ready for it. Well she embraced it with both hands and was so excited when I collected her after her first day. She is going on her first school camp, for three nights, later this Term and is out of her skin with excitement.

Why the birthday reference? I attended a girlfriend’s 60th birthday celebration lunch on Friday. Yep, here I am at at 40, which when I was 20, seemed soooooo  old, and I would never have imagined that I would be calling a 60 year young woman one of my closest friends. I met P only 4 years ago, and we became close, so much so that she was at the birth of master x last year. I had never thought about her age and our friendship is as girlfriends.

Back to the lunch… There were 20 ladies present and I was the second youngest, to her own gorgeous daughter. I was so in awe of every lady present, of which I have met many. When P spoke, she talked of how every woman present came into her life and recounted some life experiences shared with them. One friend she met at Kindergarten! For me that is magical to think you could have a 55 year old friendship with a girlfriend. Several others have known P since Primary School, High School, Married Life and Business. You may read this and wonder if  P has lived a sheltered life, perhaps living in the same suburb all her life. To the contrary. Although she has lived in Perth all her life she has a travel life to envy. Overseas holiday at least once yearly for the past 20 years.

Many jokes were made over lunch not to mention the Big 60, with mock horror. Let me tell you they are the sassiest, most gorgeous 60 somethings I have ever met. Not a blue rinse or perm in sight. Not a frumpy easy-iron, ill fitting outfit to be seen. These women were warm, funny, converstaional, educated and radiated life. They talked of family, careers, travel, weddings, grandchildren, fashion, hobbies, fitness, with passion and vitality. I just hope I am as gorgeous as them at 60, and have all of my girlfriends around me to celebrate.

Happy Birthday P! I can’t wait to celebrate your 80th! I feel priveleged to call you my friend xxx


3 Responses

  1. How lucky you are to have a friend of that age. My Mum is turning 70 this year and whenever I go back to SA to see her (and Dad too of course) I find it very easy to fit in with their friends.

    ….I might be 41 but it’s taken me this long to realise what lewd and funny conversations they have – even in the pub straight after church!

  2. You are such an eloquent writer Ness!

    So glad you had a great time at the party. I am friends with 60 somethings thru work and it’s funny how at times you don’t even notice the age difference!

    • Thanks Chloe, I am really enjoying keeping a blog – even if the entry numbers are slowing down with the pace of life. I guess it is the journalling aspect of scrapbboking which I have never really given the importance it deserves, that I am expressing in the blog. How is your gorgeous boy? Growing quickly I bet. Xavier is sitting next to me eating his current favourite – cheese sandwich. It only seemed like last week he started mushy solids! I went to Bug Scrap last Friday and I learnt so much about the Cricut. I can now see myself using it so much more. Check blog later today for some cards I made. Vanessa x

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