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Here comes Feb.

I felt a little overwhelmed tonight that a month has already passed and I feel I am already falling behind on my monthly To Do List. Of course it is my list, set by me, so no one will judge me but seriously where does the time go? At least I am on target with my scrapping (speaking of time…) and feel like I have scrapped more this past month than I have managed in quite a while. Still, the renovating hiccups drive me insane as it has a domino effect. Not to worry, I must focus on the list completed. Do you ever add things to your To Do list, tha tyou completed but never had on your list to start with,  just so you can have the satisfaction of crossing them straight off? I do. Feels great.

First day of school for miss i today. Year six and the last year at Primary school. Where did that go???????? Such a big and beautiful girl. I am well on my way to completing a scrapbook of her Primary School Days to present to her at Graduation in November. I am taking a break from contacting her exercise books which this year are collaged with pictures of mainly Twilight actors, and cutesy words and phrases. No more cute wrapping paper covered books for her. She loves her teacher already and is well into the swing of school and all of its extracurricular activities. Swimming lessons start tomorrow for the carnival to be held in about 5 weeks. She is keen to attend Friday swim squad at 6.45am which is followed with breakfast at school.

I have to share why it is so special having ten year olds around. Miss i overheard me talking to another school Mum on the phone tonight and I happened to mention some things that miss i had said in regards to a school issue. Once off the phone, miss i said ” I really appreciate how you talk about me mum.”  I flippantly said that it was easy to talk about her so positively because she is so caring and thoughtful. She stopped me and said “yes, but I really appreciate that you talk so kindly about me, and I want you to know.” She is beautiful from the inside out.


4 Responses

  1. That is a really lovely thing for her to notice, firstly and to say, secondly.

    They’re the moments we have to bundle up and store in our hearts, aren’t they?

  2. Very special.

  3. very impressed you have a blog makes me want to do mine that little bit more might bring the mojo back love the header

  4. I told D how much I missed him now working full time. His response, “But you love your job don’t you Mum?”
    I responded, “yes”, and he replied, “Well, then it is all worth it!”
    I think 10 year olds are fab too!
    I feel like I am getting to know parts of you I have never met through your writing. Love it.

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