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At Ten Months

I am sleep deprived, muddle-headed…oh yeah it’s not about me is it LOL.

The gorgeous master x is ten months old today and we are all sooooo in lurve! He is just the cutest. He recovered from his fever yesterday and we were reminded of how lively and gorgeous he is when he isn’t feeling lousy. I thought I would list some of his milestones (for reference when I get around to scrappping his page):

Socially – I am always being told he is very alert and interactive. And he is. He is a people watcher and is always chatting to people.

Weight – He was weighed this week and is a lean 8.5kg, putting him at the 10th percentile. Although he lived the high life in utero and came out at 10lb (4.5kg), his speedy metabolism and activity saw him gain weight at a slower rate. I never lost my confidence as a breastfeeding Mum and felt he was happy and content and therefore did not introduce formula. I have a great GP who checked him out and made sure he was digesting his milk, so we started solids at 51/2 months, and continued on our way. His length is 75cm which puts him at the 75th percentile so I am guessing some of his calories went into growing up and not out.

He has five teeth, two bottom, two vampire incisors and one front tooth. The other front tooth is all but through.

Party Tricks –  He loves to sing songs! He claps along to “If you’re happy and you know it” as well as raising his arms in the air when you shout “hooray”. He kicks his legs, dances, blows raspberries, clicks his tongue, waves goodbye and gives you kisses when asked. His favourite songs are also Away in a Manger and You are my Sunshine when he is cuddling, and all action songs when he is alert. He waves his hands around when we sing 5 Little Ducks. He has mastered crawling on his knees as also opening his drawers to empty all of his clothes on the floor.

Language – He is a real babbler. He has ten words that we all agree we understand: Mumma, Ta, Ball, Boo (and he initiates the game which is hilarious), Poo (as in “Have you done a poo?” – he quietly says poo), broom broom car (when playing with steering wheel in front seat of car in preference to breast feeding, and when he sees his ride-on car in the back yard), Eliya (referring to miss e), Bell (miss i), book and the often heard, again (every time you finish reading one of his favourite books).

Favourites – He is a keen eater, loving mostly to sit at the head of the table in his high chair nibbling on whatever his big sisters are trying. A bit tricky when you are dealing with only five teeth at the front of your mouth but willing to give most things a go. Resembles a chipmonk a lot of the time. Loves to play in water, especially the pool. He falls into the water when we sing Humpty Dumpty and loves to float around on the lilo. Loves sharing the shower or splashing around in cold water on the verandah in his old baby bath. Loves books, cars and planes. Yep there is definitely a Y chromosome thing going on. The sound of a plane or helicopter flying past has him craning his neck to catch a glimpse. He loves zooming around on his ride-on cars, either being pushed, or pushing himself backwards – has not mastered the forward movement yet. And there has been a love of books from very early on. His favourites are Mem Fox’s Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, and Maisy. He especially loves Maisy flap books and giggles every time he finds Maisy on the last page. We are guaranteed to hear Gin,Gin (again) as soon as we finish reading them.

We are very blessed to have this little man amuse us daily and he is pretty blessed to have two big sisters who adore him.


One Response

  1. Beautifully written as always. What a lovely keepsake to put on one of his album pages.

    And yes- he is lucky to be so loved and adored. Won’t he grow up to be the real ladies man????

    Keep enjoying him- such a special bond- mummy to son. My Z ( 6.5) still likes to be rocked and sung to!!)


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