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Studio news

Homme worked tirelessly yet again on transforming what was once a dilapidated structure in our backyard, into our new study/writing area/scrap booking zone/spa retreat, also referred to as the studio. Our gorgeous tiler Chris taught us the recipe to make our own limewash paint and it now has two coats of white limewash over the rendered walls. I had bought four litres of limewash from Porters and have painted one external wall a gorgeous French blue. I can’t wait for it to age and fade over time. Anyway, I wanted to limewash internally and with Chris’ recipe (also lots on the internet), we made 40 litres today for the grand sum of $28!!!. It would have been a mere $8 but for the fact that we added bondcrete for adhesion. I am buying tint on Monday and we will add more coats through the week. It is an amazing product as being a natural lime, it has no odour and really makes the building smell and feel fresh. It used to be used in hospitals as it has natural properties preventing moulds and bacteria from growing in it. I really love it and can’t wait to play with colour. I sanded back all the windows ready to paint tomorrow. No more dusty work needs to be done in there now. Yippee. Not long for the decorating stage. Fun, fun ,fun. 

Last night I took miss e and miss i to a family scrap attack at our favourite shop, Just scrapbooking. Both girls had planned two layouts each to complete in the 31/2 hours we had. In the end they both almost completed one layout each as they had both chosen quite detailed layouts. Miss e learnt to sew on a page and with big smiles finished her layout today at home. I was very impressed with her determination and concentration. Miss i used a template which had 36 squares all cut at 4cm each, which were each inked and carefully stuck into place to form the background of her layout. We had such a lovely time chatting and I enjoyed guiding them through their layouts. Brilliant job girls! I only managed to cut out all the components for my layout which I still need to stick together. Here are some photos of the girls’ layouts.

Master x has four teeth, with two more emerging this week. Strangely they are top teeth but not the conventional front two. He has both eye teeth which has earned him the nickname of ‘little vampire’. I did check and he has his front teeth visible under the gums so hopefully they will be in soon. His favourite games are splashing in Jacko’s water bowl and crawling into miss i’s room to see what mischief can be achieved there. He screams with laughter when he knows you have spotted him and start to follow him. It is truly hilarious.


2 Responses

  1. Very cute post. Love the pic of X. He has that “just been busted expression” LOL.

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