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The holidays always mean the board games in our house get a real workout. We take our favourites on our annual December Rottnest holiday to play in the evenings. This year I introduced the girls to Scrabble, my all time favourite and with each new game came increased word usage and tactics. We also took some favourite card games but the constant favourite has to be Monopoly. Our Rottnest version was  Australian Monopoly. It took some getting used to when we started playing this version a year ago. The value of properties and rentals has sky rocketed since the original 1932 Monopoly. With most transactions being in the hundred thousands and millions, it is not long before the kids are expanding their mathematical skills beyond 101 taught in lower primary.

This Christmas saw the arrival of  World Monopoly courtesy of generous grandparents. We couldn’t wait to open the box and check out the tokens, the property names and to read the Chance and Community Chest cards. The added bonus to this version is the buzzer used to increase the intensity during auctioning of properties.

We were discussing this version with friends yesterday when I noticed the eyes brighten of master aged 5 years. Turns out he is a mad keen fan of Monopoly and wanted to check out the box himself. I got caught up in his excitement and given that this family of 6 is heading off for a weekend at Rotto, we loaned him the game to try out for himself. His smile was priceless.

So today, miss i, miss e and two friends pulled out the Australian Monopoly to play. Hours of endless negotiating and laughter could be heard from the dining room, with only the occasional ‘pool break’ to rethink strategy. As I completed chores I thought of holidays spent as a youngster playing monopoly and smiled to myself as this generation enjoyed this timeless game.


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