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happy new year!

Welcome to my friends and family and anyone else who has randomly found my site. I have been reading blogs for the past year and decided that my lack of effort on Facebook needs to be replaced with a more personal approach – my own blogsite.  So here it is, and you will have to bear with me as I learn the ropes. It should become more interesting as time goes by…

My philosophy? Random thoughts and updates really. So any intellectuals out there, I will warn you now, you won’t find any amazing insights on my blog. Nope, just stuff that matters to me.

Day 1 of a new year, new decade – 2010. I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions, but I do spend a lot of time at the beginning of a new year thinking about ‘the year that was’, and making plans and setting goals for the year ahead.I won’t bore you with my list but I will share a few in time. Is it just me, or does anyone else have the urge to spring clean on January 1st? I have spent the day scrubbing the fridge, rearranging books in bookcases, and generally making mental lists of all that needs doing this week. Those of you who know me, and the house renovations happening here, must be scratching your head – rearranging books?

Last night was a very quiet affair for our family. Several reasons for this:

1. I have a head cold and was not up to any partying,

2. We have a 9 month old master x who provides us with a great excuse to curl up in front of a dvd rather than venture out to party,

3. My homme and I made a pact several years ago to avoid violence in our lives and given that news reports today describe Perth’s New Year as a Violent start to the year, we made a wise choice to stay at home.

So homme, our two daughters and I curled up with Connoiseur vanilla bean icecreams in cones, on mattresses on the lounge floor, and watched The Parent Trap, a dvd Miss E got for Christmas. I really enjoyed it! Sadly I was in bed by 11pm so homme gave the two girls a kiss on my behalf and all were in bed 30 seconds after the clock chimed midnight.

I was reminiscing to the girls about the big deal it was when we started this Century. At ages 8 and 10 they had no idea of the impact of Y2K. I was also laughing that we spent the New Year of 1999 hosting a dinner party with 3 other couples and all four of us had 8 month olds at the time. Little did I think that 10 years later I would be home with a 9 month old again. Would I change anything? No way.


5 Responses

  1. Hi Vanessa! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Congrats on starting your own blog!!! Here’s hoping you’re better at updating than I usually am! I am assuming you are Vanessa, Xavier’s mummy??! Sorry if I am wrong. I look forward to popping by again soon. xxx

  2. Love it.. Look forward to all the news.

  3. Fantastic! I would rather be hearing your news over a coffee or a g and t, but as we know that doesn’t always happen. I wish you could purchase more time in a day to be spent with friends. Love you. Happy 2010…may it bring you love, laughter and happiness. L x

    • I agree! Thanks for dropping in (that is blog talk or so I am told ha ha). Thought it was a more personal approach to keeping interstate family and friends in touch. Especially when I upload some family photos. Love you too xx

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